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Marcel TERRUSSE (Raelian Bishop Guide)

Crop Circles are those strange, often circular shapes that are sometimes found in some grain fields in the morning. Until now the origin of these agroglyphs was a mystery, and their ever more complex shapes challenged all hypotheses. In this document we shall give you the key to this mystery.


The first contemporain witness

"Suddenly I heard a noise. It seemed that something was moving in the wheat field, flattening the stalks. That night the air was completely still. I looked around. The moon had just risen and was shining brightly. In front of me I could see now a large hollow depression in the middle of the field."

These are the words the first declared witnesses, Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood, used to describe the strange phenomenon they witnessed during the night of August 12, 1972, near Warminster, England.



When this phenomenon was noticed and described for the first time, they took the form of modest, simple circles, a few meters in diameter, in a wheat field. Three decades later, thousands of formations have been reported throughout the world, some of them extremely complex, representing mathematical curves, religious symbols or animals. Their size is up to 700 meters, and the area of the largest reaches about 4000 square meters.

Researching archive files in England led to the finding of a dozen of reports, dating from the 1940s, mentioning the discovery of small circular flattened zones in crops. It was only in the 1970s that the regularity of the phenomenon was noticed, and it took another decade for serious studies to begin.

In 1980 a new phenomenon drew attention: the observation of two symmetric circles aligned in a field. The following year, signs of intelligence began to appear with the finding of an 18-meter circle flanked by two smaller half-circles, in a perfect north-south alignment. Since then, dozens of circular formations, single, double or triple, have been described, alone or interlaced, sometimes forming spiral movements. These circles are drawn with a surgical precision. A very sharp line separates the flattened or curved stalks inside the drawing from those outside of it which remain intact and upright. The contour of the drawings forms a perfectly even wall.

By 1988, hundreds of Crops Circles had already been reported. The number grew again the following years, and is still growing today, the graphic designs increasing in complexity every year. At first, the drawings were simple, occasionally double, rings. Then the shapes became more and more complex with a variety of interlaced patterns. The following years additional graphics appeared in the circles, such as stars, the infinity symbol, fractals, or Celtic crosses. The phenomenon of Crop Circles is not easy to explain. It is not a “natural” phenomenon. Humans may have made some of them, but formations are found throughout the world which does not validate the hoax hypothesis.

Why would the inspiration of the drawings be the same everywhere?

Why do we find the same evolution of designs, from simple to complex?


Presentation of the phenomenon

Although witness accounts can be traced back to the 14th century, it is only since the early 1980s that the Crop Circles started to attract public attention. As surprising as it may be for people who have never heard of them, the Crop Circles were discovered more than twenty years ago.

At that time, the Crop Circles were simple circles in cereal crops, suggesting the hypothesis of atmospheric whirlwinds plunging suddenly into the crops and leaving their circular imprint there.

The Crop Circles show an amazingly extreme precision. The shapes are generally based on circles, but there are many cases where the basic pattern is a square or a 5-pointed or 6-pointed star. Even more complex drawings have been observed.


Positioning in time and space

Although they have been observed in many different countries, and although their rate of appearance increases regularly, two thirds of all reported Crop Circles occur in the South of England. The number of identified Crop Circles has noticeably increased since 1990. In the South of England, 200 to 300 are reported every year. The farmers who own the crops are generally angry and prefer not to say anything when they find one, fearing the many onlookers who would come and trample the crops. Crop Circles are regularly found on all kinds of crops: cereals (wheat, barley, oats, rye), rapeseed, and rice. The pictograms are all different, and rarely occur twice in a given field.

They have been observed in many different countries: England, Ireland, Belgium, United States, Canada, France, India, Japan, Afghanistan, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Australia, China, to cite just a few. In Japan, a circle appeared in a rice field. Photographs of circles drawn in the snow have been taken in the mountains of Afghanistan and in Canada, without any tracks leading to them. They certainly exist in other countries but can only be detected from an airplane.

At which time of year are they observed ?

For about twenty years, the Crop Circle phenomenon has been occurring between April and August.


Expression of  intelligence

He amazing Crop Circle of Cambridgeshire, which has the shape of a Mandelbrot fractal, as well as other fractals that have been observed, are an unquestionable proof of intelligence. Those mathematical shapes could not have formed by chance. Some figures contain sacred numbers like the golden number, or pi. It is a very complex phenomenon that is not selective but is still occurring. There is obviously an intelligence and a technology behind the Crop Circles, and it is not a “human” intelligence.



There is a whole symbolism in the Crop Circles which is a remarkable mixture of beauty and mystery. Shapes can be found which exist in many cultures throughout the world (in Tibet, China, Europe, Israel, Egypt, Mexico). Some figures are quite strange, like the one that describes our solar system.

The themes of the drawings are many :


Geometrical particularities of the Crop Circles


The Theories explaining the Crop Circle formations

The phenomenon has attracted public attention and aroused much speculation, but official sources and scientists say Crop Circles are made by some kind of lightning or tornado, while many non-experts believe they are produced by UFOs. Many more or less exotic theories have been suggested in explanation of these phenomena, such as gravitational plasma, intra-terrestrials, UFOs, microwave rays and so on. Scientists focus on the “how,” forgetting about the “why.” Crop Circles have a non-human origin, and from this viewpoint it is important to understand that we are faced with a technology that is beyond our understanding.


Very discreet origins

During a surveillance operation, an whole field was outfitted over its entire area with laser alarms, highly sensitive microphones, and aerial cameras. In the middle of the night, a mist formed over the field. At dawn, a perfect Crop Circle was visible in the field and none of the sensitive instruments had been activated. One of the most famous cases involved the residence of the British prime minister. The property covers dozens of acres and is watched and protected against possible terrorist attacks by military security services. It is a maximum security area, watched over and patrolled 24 hours a day. Despite these precautions, a perfect drawing of Celtic inspiration appeared on the grass, in front of John Major’s house. When journalists asked the prime minister if there had been a serious violation of security regulations, he denied it.


How to know if a Crop Circle is genuine ?

It is difficult to say with a 100% certainty whether or not a Crop Circle is genuine. Some are irregular, their edges not clean, the stalks uneven, all of which suggests human intervention. However, many formations are such complex drawings that it would seem impossible to make them in one night.

Wheel tracks

Aerial photographs show the wheel tracks left behind by tractors from various sprayings. These tracks shed suspicion as to the origins of the drawings, since they form discreet pathways to move along the field. However, some Crop Circles have appeared in fields where no wheel track was present. In the United States, the fields don’t have these tramway-like tracks since they are sprayed from small airplanes. This excludes any human participation in the process of Crop Circle formation. Some Crop Circles have been found in restricted access areas, like for example the military area of Salisbury Plain (England).


Signs in the snow

Very few Crop Circles have been observed in snow. They are very scarce. However, several have been found in Canada and in the Himalayas where a group of four Crop Circles has been photographed. These events are not numerous, but nevertheless cannot be ignored, because they are of the same nature as the Crops Circles and confirm their non-human origin. Video recording of a Crop Circle formation by luminous objects flying over cereal fields. The moment that the drawings are formed has been recorded while lights were flying over the fields. The formation time is estimated to be a few seconds.

In 1999: Ice Circles and Cloud Circles

In 1999, drawings from mysterious origins were spotted in cloud formations followed by radar (Clouds Circles), and imprinted in snow but visible from aircraft (Ice Circles)!!!!!


Video recording

Video recording of a Crop Circle formation by luminous objects flying over cereal fields. The moment that the drawings are formed has been recorded while lights were flying over the fields. The formation time is estimated to be a few seconds. (video)


The media and the Crops Circles in England

In the beginning of 1990, the English media picked up the subject, which made the headlines.

But at the end of the summer 1991, an alarm bell started to ring, discrediting the phenomenon. Two retired men, Doug et Dave, announced they were responsible for it.

Hoaxes and disinformation :

In 1990, the British government held a meeting with its ministers and military officials to discuss the phenomenon and its implications for the public and for defence. Quite soon after this meeting, the hoax campaign started to develop, and the first Crop Circle imitators  appeared. The goal was to discredit the phenomenon and to ridicule the researchers interested in it. It is interesting to note that the web site that presents the work of those who claim to have created the Crop Circles also advertises for recruiting in the MI6 security services! This cohabitation within a site casts doubt on the real motives of the Crop Circle forgers. The result of this process is that for most people today, Crop Circles are hoaxes. Nevertheless, this is a simplistic explanation that often only masks the ignorance of what the phenomenon is.

1991: did the hoaxers actually confess?

In 1991, two landscape painters, David Chorley, aged 62, and Douglas Bower, aged 67, declared that they were the origin of the the phenomenon and confessed to being the authors of the Crop Circles. They said that had decided on this hoax back in 1978. They declared that during the 13 previous years they had shaped drawings in fields at night in the South of England. It is amazing, amusing and suspicious, that over 13 years, neither of their wives had suspected anything out of the ordinary, nor did they notice any of their furtive outings and their nocturnal exploits! These declarations seem to have subsequently inspired imitators. The two men wanted to demonstrate how they did it for the TV cameras, but after working for several hours the result was a big mess. A second attempt gave the same pitiful results. Doug and Dave have never been able to produce any high quality formation before independent witnesses, which could have convinced researchers of their abilities. Doug and Dave were invited to participate in a TV show with several researchers. Doug was asked if they made drawings in the Wiltshire (the region where the formations were the more frequent since 1988), and he flatly answered that they did not. They could not explain how they did the more complex drawings either. The more questions they were asked and the more uncertain their answers were. At the end, Doug and Dave were not at all sure of which drawings they had made or not. The tone of their voice and the way they spoke gave the impression that their entire plan had been orchestrated. Nevertheless, for the media as for the public, doubt has been cast on the reality of the phenomenon. It was enough to show a pair of putative hoaxers and a logical reason to believe the entire phenomenon was a joke, in order to consider the mystery as solved.

This demonstration actually proves nothing, except that the phenomenon can be reproduced artificially and that good copies could be made under optimal conditions. This experiment does not prove that all Crops Circles have a human origin.


The Raelian Religion and the Crop Circles

Our beloved prophet confirms that most Crop Circles are indeed made by the Elohim (except the forgeries made by hoaxers).

Among the numerous identified drawings, several can be interpreted as architectural drawings. The plan of the Embassy we plan to build, the scale model of which was presented to the media in August 1991, is inspired from a pictogram found in a field in the south of England in 1990.

Why Crop Circles? How to interpret them?

These material, concrete signs, their dimensions, their growing complexity, the themes chosen, all those elements make us question ourselves.

The explanation we can provide is that it is the implementation of a strategy aimed at preparing for an official contact between people from Earth and an extra-terrestrial civilization.

Why all these precautions?

Potential extra-terrestrial visitors have the ability to observe us before making direct contact with us. They can certainly pick up our radio and TV broadcasts. According to the method used by ethnologists, they can observe us for a while before they decide on the most appropriate way to establish direct contact with us.

Yet what image do we give to those outside observers? We show them a planet where people are suffering, where people are aggressive towards each other and kill each other, where intolerance, diseases, starvation and violence are everywhere.

By noticing such a situation a potential visitor can only be cautious before making a direct contact.

The members of the Raelian Religion have the goal of building an Embassy and to see to it that the requirements are met so that an official contact can occur between the Elohim and people from Earth.

One of the major difficulties for the Elohim now is to avoid generating a reflex of fear among people.

History has always shown that irresponsible political leaders in most countries use the myth of fear of foreigners to strengthen their power.

There is a risk that at the time of contact an aggressive reaction might be provoked against the imagined enemy from afar. The Crop Circles are an important step in preparation for the day of the great encounter. They force people to question themselves about the authors of these short-lived art works, to familiarize them with the presence of external observers and to prepare them psychologically for an official and peaceful contact.



The Crop Circles are a very complex phenomenon which is not isolated but is occurring more widely every year. The phenomenon is in a growth phase. What we have seen so far is certainly just the beginning. When it is given full expression, it will be on a much larger scale.There is obviously an intelligence behind the Crop Circles, and it is not a “human” intelligence. We are in the presence of an attempt at “communication” and these pictograms represent a “link” between two worlds, between two humanities. It’s undoubtedly an initiative of consciousness-raising and of preparation for direct contact, from an intelligent extra-terrestrial entity. The final scene will be of such a nature that all of mankind’s doubts will be removed.What is in preparation, beyond the signs on the ground, is a demonstration of a physical nature. At that stage, we will really have reached the New Age.

Marcel Terrusse (Raelian Bishop Guide)


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